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Welcome to Raw Feeding

At Bears Pets we are passionate about giving every pet the best nutrition possible, we firmly believe a raw diet can achieve this. Exploring more natural ways of feeding can be an eye-opener to most pet owners, this can be overwhelming at first but we're here to help! 

Your dog deserves the best, take the first step, choose Raw.

Your questions, answered.

What is raw feeding?

Raw feeding is considered the most biologically appropriate way to feed your cat or dog. It refers to a fresh diet of raw meat, raw bones, and raw organs, otherwise known as their species-appropriate diet.

Dogs are facultative carnivores and yet in recent times are fed on a diet that is far from suitable, many believe the lack of a species-appropriate diet and the addition of highly processed food has attributed to the concerning rates of illness in our pets. 

There are many ways to feed a raw diet, whether you choose to feed a premade balanced raw or venture down the DIY route, your dog will thank you for switching to raw. Always remember the team at Bears pets are here to help.

Why should I feed natural treats?

You can buy dog treats anywhere, but do you really know what is in them? Just like our pet's food, the ingredients in our pet's treats matter too! Preservatives are known to cause cancer or contain fillers/leftover meat from unknown sources.

The ingredients in the Natural treats we sell are 100% traceable, and often are 100% dehydrated Meat, this ensures you can confidently feed your dog our delicious treats, knowing exactly what's in them.

Can any dog have raw? If so, how do I start?

Yes! Any dog, no matter the size or age can be fed a raw diet! 

There are many ways to transition to raw, here at Bears Pets we suggest starting with boneless raw beef mince, adding that to your pets current meals as a topper for a week or so (start small and build up to a handful on each meal) Then they are ready to go onto a single protein 80/10/10. Long term your dog should be getting 5 proteins a month on rotation minimum but aim for more! 

More detailed transition guide below!