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Bears Pets Team



Hi, I'm Tara, from day one I have always looked for more natural ways to feed and treat my dogs.

Having realised how hard it is to source natural products in Northern Ireland, I opened Bears Pets. Introducing Northern Ireland pet owners to the wonderful world of natural treats and raw feeding.


You will find me in store serving our lovely customers. 



( Tara & Andrews Dog)

I'm a 7-year-old golden retriever. I am fed half raw and half high-quality dry food as it works better for our lifestyle. I am thriving!
I love to carry blankets, shred tissues and my favorite treat is fishy treats. 


Owner/delivery driver


HI, I'm Andrew, you will usually find me in my van delivering orders to our lovely customers!

Tara and I have always tried to feed our dogs as naturally as possible.

We wanted to open up a shop so we could provide the same things to all pet owners in Northern Ireland.



( Tara & Andrews Dog)

I'm a 7-year-old staffy who is also fed half raw and half high quality dry food. I'm super fit and full of energy!

I love balls, blankets and tomatoes.

My favorite treat is Hairy rabbit ears.

Ice Coffee Drink_edited.jpg


Hi, I'm Naomi, I first discovered natural treats and raw feeding in 2019 with my dog luna.

Ever since then I've been very passionate about educating others on raw and fresh feeding, joining the Bears Pets team was a great fit!

You will find me running our social media and working in store the odd day a week.



(Naomi's Dog)

I'm a 3-year-old golden retriever.

I have been fully raw-fed for over a year! Changing to raw has helped my itchy skin and infected ears.

I love soft toys, laying in the garden, and trips to the beach. My favorite treat is hairy rabbit ears.